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authFullName_s : Jimmy Castillo

Development of a Methodology Using GPC-ICP HR MS for Analysis of the Adsorption of Asphaltene Aggregates on SiO 2 Nanoparticles

Jimmy Castillo , Vicmary Vargas , Genesis Gonzalez , Wladimir Ruiz , German Gascon , et al.
Sustainable Energy & Fuels, 2020, 34 (6), pp.6920-6927. ⟨10.1021/acs.energyfuels.0c00714⟩
Journal articles hal-02920615v1
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Aggregation of Asphaltene Subfractions A1 and A2 in Different Solvents from the Perspective of Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Orlando Villegas , Germain Salvato Vallverdu , Brice Bouyssiere , Sócrates Acevedo , Jimmy Castillo , et al.
Energy & Fuels, 2023, 37 (4), pp.2681-2691. ⟨10.1021/acs.energyfuels.2c03054⟩
Journal articles hal-03996687v1

Procédé de récupération de molécules organiques à partir d'une matrice complexe

John-Richard Ordóñez-Varela , Aurélie Le Beulze , Brice Bouyssière , Jimmy Castillo , Vicmary Vargas
France, Patent n° : WO2022144562A1. 2022
Patents hal-03807898v1

Biogenic RH-SiO 2 Nanoparticles for Vanadium Removal from Asphaltenes via GPC-ICP MS and spICP MS Analysis

Jimmy Castillo , Genesis Gonzalez , Mathieu Menta , Javier Jimenez-Lamana , Brice Bouyssiere
Energy & Fuels, 2023, 37 (17), pp.12696-12703. ⟨10.1021/acs.energyfuels.3c01012⟩
Journal articles hal-04224387v1

Development of a methodology for monitoring wax solid deposit as a function of temperature using digital image processing

Edgardo Vasquez , Jimmy Castillo , Jérôme Pauly , Jean-Luc Daridon
13th International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behaviour and Fouling, Jun 2012, Saint-Petersburg - Floride, United States
Conference papers hal-00831751v1
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Asphaltenes, subfractions A1 and A2 aggregation and adsorption onto RH-SiO 2 nanoparticles: solvent effect on the aggregate size

Jimmy Castillo , Genesis Gonzalez , Brice Bouyssière , Vicmary Vargas
Fuel, 2023, 331, pp.125635. ⟨10.1016/j.fuel.2022.125635⟩
Journal articles hal-03760944v1
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SiO 2 Biogenic Nanoparticles and Asphaltenes: Interactions and Their Consequences Investigated by QCR and GPC-ICP-HR-MS

Nelson Acevedo , Vicmary Vargas , Vincent Piscitelli , Aurélie Le Beulze , Brice Bouyssière , et al.
Energy & Fuels, 2021, 35 (8), pp.6566-6575. ⟨10.1021/acs.energyfuels.0c04185⟩
Journal articles hal-03191454v1

Understanding Asphaltene Fraction Behavior through Combined Quartz Crystal Resonator Sensor, FT-ICR MS, GPC ICP HR-MS, and AFM Characterization. Part I: Extrography Fractionations

Nelson Acevedo , Rémi Moulian , Martha Chacón-Patiño , Aurora Mejia , Sadia Radji , et al.
Energy & Fuels, 2020, 34 (11), pp.13903-13915. ⟨10.1021/acs.energyfuels.0c02687⟩
Journal articles hal-02985727v1

Optical fiber extrinsic refractometer to measure RI of samples in a high pressure and temperature systems: Application to wax and asphaltene precipitation measurements

Jimmy Castillo , Carlos Canelon , Socrates Acevedo , Hervé Carrier , Jean-Luc Daridon
Fuel, 2006, 85 (14-15), pp.2220-2228. ⟨10.1016/j.fuel.2006.03.020⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00339080v1

Suppression of Phase Separation as a Hypothesis to Account for Nuclei or Nanoaggregate Formation by Asphaltenes in Toluene

Socrates Acevedo , Jimmy Castillo , Vicmary Vargas , Alexandra Castro , Omaira Delgado , et al.
Energy & Fuels, 2018, 32 (6), pp.6669-6677. ⟨10.1021/acs.energyfuels.8b00949⟩
Journal articles hal-02095359v1

Study of Asphaltenes Aggregation in Toluene/n-Heptane/CO2 Mixtures under High-Pressure Conditions

Francia Marcano , Maria Antonieta Ranaudo , José Chirinos , Jimmy Castillo , Jean-Luc Daridon , et al.
Energy & Fuels, 2013, 27 (8), pp.4598-4603. ⟨10.1021/ef4007609⟩
Journal articles hal-00856196v1

Evidence of selective asphaltene subfraction adsorption on SiO 2 nanoparticles studied by UV-vis absorbance and fluorescence spectroscopy

Jimmy Castillo , Vicmary Vargas , Genesis Gonzalez , Wladimir Ruiz , Brice Bouyssière
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 2020, pp.1-7. ⟨10.1080/01932691.2020.1845956⟩
Journal articles hal-03030901v1
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Cancellation of dipole moment of models of asphaltene aggregates as a mean for their dispersion in toluene and THF calculated using molecular dynamics

Orlando Villegas , Germain Salvato Vallverdu , Brice Bouyssière , Socrates Acevedo , Jimmy Castillo , et al.
Fuel, 2022, 334, pp.126472. ⟨10.1016/j.fuel.2022.126472⟩
Journal articles hal-03872557v1
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Development of a chromatographic methodology for the separation and quantification of V, Ni and S compounds in petroleum products

Vicmary Vargas , Jimmy Castillo , Ruben Ocampo Torres , Brice Bouyssière , Charles-Philippe Lienemann
Fuel Processing Technology, 2017, 162, pp.37 - 44. ⟨10.1016/j.fuproc.2017.03.027⟩
Journal articles hal-01566222v1
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Surface modification of SiO2 nanoparticles to increase asphaltene adsorption

Vicmary Vargas , Jimmy Castillo , Rubén Ocampo-Torres , Charles-Philippe Lienemann , Brice Bouyssière
Petroleum Science and Technology, 2018, 36 (8), pp.618-624. ⟨10.1080/10916466.2018.1440300⟩
Journal articles hal-01736852v1

Molecular Cartography of A1 and A2 Asphaltene Subfractions from Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Orlando Villegas , Germain Vallverdu , Brice Bouyssière , Sócrates Acevedo , Jimmy Castillo , et al.
Sustainable Energy & Fuels, 2020, 34 (11), pp.13954-13965. ⟨10.1021/acs.energyfuels.0c02744⟩
Journal articles hal-03043502v1

One-step synthesis of SiO2 α−Fe2O3 / Fe3O4 composite nanoparticles with magnetic properties from rice husks

Jimmy Castillo , Vicmary Vargas , Daniel Macero , Aurélie Le Beulze , Wladimir Ruiz , et al.
Physica B: Condensed Matter, 2021, 605, pp.412799. ⟨10.1016/j.physb.2020.412799⟩
Journal articles hal-03097269v1