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Welcome to the e-library of social scientists contributions to ANR Programme REMAKE

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REMAKE is a research programme mostly driven by geosciences, oriented towards seismology of Equator and Northern Peru. Yet one of its main goals is devoted to the improvement of policies preventing disasters related with earthquakes.

Consequently, a group of social scientists is in charge of one of the WP. Indeed, knowing better hazard, in this case, earthquakes dynamics, is key yet does not allow improving disaster prevention policies as such. Experience returns help identifying a wide range of limitations disaster prevention policies still meet, most of them not connected at all with the hazard itself.


 Find below the framework social scientists contributions to REMAKE Programme (WP6) will follow


WP6 contribution will focus mostly on the identification of limitations earthquake related disaster prevention policies still meet, in the case of the city of Esmeraldas, on the Pacific coast of Ecuador. Three main issues will be investigated. The first one, more oriented towards epistemology, concerns how interdisciplinary academic knowledge on disaster prevention policies related with earthquakes is being produced. The two other issues are more specifically related with the city of Esmeraldas itself. The second one concerns how various knowledge types, be they academic or not, are imbedded in the fabric of disaster prevention policies. The third one is on how institutions and power relationships frame disaster prevention policies and how they are implemented, contributing to explain some of the limitations those policies meet.


The goal is to improve disaster prevention policies while including more various stakeholders in their structuration and their implementation from the beginning on, not forgetting knowledge coming from earth sciences.


Location and QGIS data Esmeraldas (Ecuador)


REMAKE programme is referenced as ANR-15-CE04-0004. Philippe Charvis, IRD, Geoazur, is responsible for it

WP6 researchers (social scientists contributing to ANR REMAKE)


Cindy ORTEGA (doctorante Chambéry)

Patrick PIGEON (Université - EDYTEM)



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